Wooly Cacti

For decor lovers!  If you are tired of usual home decorations, you should try that one! This little  wooly cactuses will win your heart. This cactus pattern is produced by Lucille Randall, so we are grateful to her about this amazing work. If you love plants , are using them for house decor, and get tired of  taking care of them and want to do something different, then use this chance and try to knit a beautiful cactus decor, which is a such an original idea that your guests will be surprised by this. To make these lovely wooly cactuses you can use different colors of flowers or you can make it without flowers. This pattern is easy to knit for as beginners as people who love knitting and take pleasure from the process.
You can use this decoration anywhere in the house: in the kitchen, on the porch, in the bedroom in the diving room. Which makes it an universal item. Also you can use it as a gift, we are all tired of walking around the shops and looking for some different gifts for birthdays and other important events in life of people who we love, now you have a chance to take a yarn and more cheaply make this decor and surprise everyone. Things like this they will remember there whole life.
Great thanks to Lucille Rndall who made this extraordinary and beautiful pattern for us and we hope she will continue to share with us her unusual ideas about knitting. We hope you will love it and enjoy the process. Have a good time!

Click here for pattern

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