Perfect Y Slippers

Hello my dears, we continue sharing with you the slippers tutorial series, because as it turned out it is hard to find good slippers patterns online for this season. We did our best and have been searching for a long time to share with you patterns, that can be useful for you.  The main problem […]

Nice Women Socks

Everyone, who loves crochet, wants to have nice slippers to wear on cold days. There are not many good patterns of slippers on the internet, in my opinion very big part of shared patterns have the same design. These slippers are the exception, because it has an original and extraordinary design, trust me you can […]

Braided Celtic Scarf

Hello, my dears, knitting is a new handcraft for me, I have been crocheting all my life and never had thought, that knitting could have been an attractive style of handcraft. I was always thinking, that knitted items were better than crochet, but seeing other people’s works in knitting I had changed my mind. Look […]

Shalom Cardigan

Hello everybody, I am back at the with new ideas for them, who love handcraft. Today I am going to show you another free pattern of the fantastic knitted cardigan. I  have learned knitting several years ago, till that time my favorite handcraft had been crochet, but now if you ask me which I […]

Gail (aka Nightsongs)

Hello everybody, we continue sharing with you some free patterns of knitted shawls, which in my opinion will be nice to crochet for upcoming autumn. Look at this beauty on the pictures, it is a real masterpiece, just amazing work. This shawl is so elegant, that you will look nice in it, besides your weight, […]

ZickZack Scarf

Hello my dears, today at the we want to share another perfect idea for upcoming autumn. We all like wearing scarfs, I have shared with you some ideas about how to create scarfs for autumn, in my opinion, it will be great to knit for them, who has cold winter because the materials used […]


Hello, my dears. The next post we want to share with you is the most elegant and beautiful knitted shawls, that I have ever seen. Look at this beauty, which is created with silk. In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful knitted items ever created. Imagine how lovely you will look in […]

Echo Flower Shawl

Hello everybody, as usual, today we have for you new free pattern, which in my opinion will be great to create for this season. At this time on the we have a brilliant knitted shawl, which in my opinion, will be perfect choice to create for this season. Those knitted flowers, shown on the […]

Ten Stitch Blanket

Hello my dears, at this time on this blog we want to share with you a fantastic knitted blanket’s free pattern. We always share with you crocheted items free patterns, but this one looks like a painting and I want try to create it. Here is nothing hard and extraordinary to make, you just have […]