Classic Cuffed Hats

Let us introduce classic cuffed hats, which is produced by Purl Soho, who we knew by her colorful and amazing works. If you are a beginner and want to learn knitting this hat is exactly for you. In this pattern it is step by step explained how to knit the hats in many colors. It is a universal hat, so it can be used by children, women and men. We all know that in winter and in other cold days, when we walk outside, the first part of our body to catch a cold is our heads, so we have a great chance to knit these kind of hats and fight off  the cold. We all want to protect ourselves from winter and look nice too. Most of the hats do not allow us to look pretty because of their  shapes, colors and other factors. These hats make it possible to look good and stay warm. Classic cuffed hat is the best winter accessory, the bright color, unique texture and lovely pom pom really make it stand out from the crowd. This hat is a perfect way to display your funny and fashionable side. Also you can use this colorful hats as a gift for a people you love and add more brightness, colors and positives in the life of people you love
Great thanks again to Purl Soho, who is sharing her  colorful  and extraordinary works with us, we all hope that she will continiue make us happy and doing work like this. wish you all the best and enjoy the knitting process.

Click here for pattern

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