Hybrid Crochet Quilt

Look at this beauty, it is a real piece of art, what a colors combination and design, bravo to the author of this awesome idea. We continue sharing with you free patterns of random crocheted items, which we will post evey day, so you can visit our site every day and will find here free […]

Heart Blanket

Hello everybody, we are back at the pretty-craft.com with a frersh ideas for crochet lovers. At this time on this blog we have wonderful blanket with hearts, which will make every place more beautiful,  where you will decide to use it. In my opinion it will be perfect baby blanket also, but this blanket is […]

Daisy Travel Blanket

Hello my dears, we are back at the pretty-craft.com with a fresh ideas to crochet. At this time on this blog we have amazing idea for them who w1ants to crochet something different and special for herself or for present. This lovely crocheted flow1ers w1ill look fantastic everywhere you have to use this a1mazing item. […]

Jacaranda CAL

Hello my dears, here we have a nice idea for CAL lovers. Look at this awesome blanket and imagine how nice it will look everywhere you will think to put this nice item. My friend has one like this and she is using it as a wall decor for her dinning room. Here on the […]

Sunset Orchid Shawl

Hello my dears, we are back at the pretty-craft.com with a fresh ideas. At this time we have awesome shawls free pattern, which will be perfect choice to crochet for upcoming autumn days. Those ornaments look so pretty. It would not be hard for you to crochet this beauty with a free pattern shared on […]

Flower Valley Shawl

We are back at the pretty craft.com to help you  choose  your future projects. We have many free patterns shared here, you can find many interesting ideas, beginning from the crocheted blankets ending with crocheted toys. At this time we have amazing shawls free pattern, which in my opinion will be great choice to crochet […]

Lyn’s Rose Garden Pillow

Hello my dears, today at the pretty-craft.com we have very interesting idea for you. If you have been searching for pillow pattern and have not decided yet what to crochet, I think this beauty is the best choice for this season from the items shared online. Everybody will feel happy with having such a nice […]