Pretty Weave Stitch

Today at the we will learn how to crochet using this amazing stitch, that I have never seen before, it looks like many stitches, but crocheting the way like this in my opinion is something new, it looks like a zigzag stitch, apache tears crochet patterns, but it is not the same, it is […]

Crocheted Bavarian Pillow

We continue finding and sharing with you pillow patterns, which in my opinion are the best shared online. As it discovered, it is veryy hard to find beautiful pillow patterns in the internet, because most of them are paid patterns or looks the same. The Bavarian crochet is one of my favorite techniques of crocheting, […]

Elements Cal Pillow

Today at the we have a special idea for craft lovers, we have shared before elements cal beautiful crocheted square. At this time here we have found for you incredible pillow pattern. Look at this beauty and imagine how lovely it will look at your huse, I think you will feel diiference on the next day. […]

Stained Glass Square

Hello my dears, as everybody else who loves crochet, I feel myself excited, when I am finding perfect patterns shared online.As I think this staned glass crocheted square is one of the most beautiful squares, than you can find in the internet. Look at this beauty and imagine how many gorgeous things you can create […]

Crochet Calla Doily

We have noticed, that you had liked doily with a crocheted roses and some of you asked us to find more doily patterns, whic are shared online, so we have decided to search and share with you doily pattern. This is a result of our search, one of the most beautiful doily shared online. Look […]