Mandala Madness

Hello my dears, today at the we have a special idea for crochet lovers. In my opinion this is the most colorful blanket ever shared on this blog, so you have chance to crochet this beauty easily using this free pattern, in which you can find clear directions about how to crochet this bauty […]

Amineko Crocheted Cat

I have seen many crocheted toys, but I don’t like most part of them, I  have shared cute rabbit Amigurami a several days ago and had felt myself very happy, when you had liked it too. At this time on this blog we have super cute cats with different charachters, look at those amazing creations, […]

Sophie’s Universe CAL

Hello everybody, new day has come and we are back at the with a new ideas about what to crochet next. If you have not decided yet what to crochet next, I hope this pattern will be useful for you. Here on the photos it is amazing bedspread crocheted using this free pattern, but […]

Double Trouble Cal Blanket

Hello everybody, new day has come and as usual we have interesting free pattern for you. Look at this blanket, it is created with taste and looks very stylish. I have seen blankets made using this free pattern, but  I can definitely say, that this one is the best of the blankets created with this […]

Sweetheart Dressed Bunnies

Hello my dears, I am not an amigurami lover, I like crocheting traditional things, like blankets, hats, throws and etc, because all amigurami to me looks the same, they are not cute enough or pretty enough, but this one is exception for me, because this cute and pretty bunnies looks very attractive and I am […]

Crocheted Stars Blanket

Hello everybody, today we have a special idea for you to crochet. At this time we want to introduce you a lovely pattern of a vintage blanket. Look at this stitch, design, colors and ask yourself, have you ever seen more beautiful baby blanket than this? we think that answer will be – no, this […]

Fantail Baby Dress

Hello my dears, I have been searching for something really beautiful and attractive to crochet for a gift and finally had found the  adorable baby clothing set, which will be the awesome gift for my friends daughter. Each of  this three items are amazing, have wondeful design and made in a perfect colors combination. I […]

124-1 Bohemian Oasis

Hello everybody, I wish I have time to make this amazing blanket for my 14 years old daughters room, bright colors, stylish thing with perfect design, that is all what adults want. If you want to make them happy this blog is exactly for you. Trust me you can not make anything better, than crocheting […]

Karoo Full Color

Look at the photos on this blog, we have a perfect thing for you to crochet. At this time  we have fantastic idea for you, on the photos it is blanket crocheted using this design and stitches, but with a pattern you can crochet pillow cover, throw, wrap or whatever you want, the result will […]

Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket

New day has come and we are glad to share with you another free pattern. Today at the we have for you fantastic blanket’s free pattern with a extraordinary form and stunning design. Trust me you will surprise everybody around you with making such a pretty blanket. Nothing here is hard, you just have […]