Beautiful Crocheted Top

Hello everybody, today I found something special for you and want to talk about this awesome crocheted top. There are a lot of crocheted tops shared on the internet, but to me, they all look the same, but this one is surely the most beautiful between them. I am going to follow the written pattern […]

Ziggy’s Odyssey

Hello my dears, I am back at with fresh ideas for this winter. It is my first post in 2022 and I hope you like it and will come back on this blog for new ideas. At this time here is another beautiful blanket with the perfect design, created by Nickie Chaplin, which, in […]

Crochet Suzette Stitch

Hello everybody, I want to wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New year, want you all to have everything perfect in 2022, this is my first post in 2022 and I wanted it to be something special, in my opinion, this blanket is so nice, that you will pay attention to it and like […]

Crocheted Duck Blanket

Hello my dears, welcome to my blog, which is a perfect place for those, who are searching for some fresh ideas about crochet and knitting. At this time here we have an amazing crocheted blanket with a Donald Duck on it. If you are going to crochet something special for children around you, I think […]

Crocheted Beautiful Rug

Hello, my dear readers, today I want to share with you another lovely idea, if you have not decided yet, what to crochet next, I hope I will help you with this. This rug is something special, brilliant colors combination and fantastic design. Imagine how proud you will feel yourself, having handmade beauty like this […]

Crocheted Little Flower

Hello everybody, welcome to my blog, if you are searching for new ideas in crochet and knitting, you are at the right place. We share a lot of free patterns, video tutorials, schemes, and other instructions, which will be useful for you. Today I want to share with you one of the cutest creations I […]

Crochet Sunflower

Hello, my dear visitors, welcome to the, place, where you can find interesting ideas about crochet and knitting. Today I have decided to pay your attention to this fantastic coaster. I have been searching for wall hanging to crochet a gift for my new neighbors and had found this beauty, now I am going […]

Crochet Sousplat

Hello, my dears, I have been searching for something to crochet to use in the kitchen and I was surprised when I had found, that people use beauty like this for kitchen work, in my opinion, beauty like this must be hanging on the walls to bring more light and beauty there. I am going […]

Crochet Daisy Diamond Rug

Hello my dears, after a long break we are back at the pretty-craft. com with fresh ideas for those who love crochet and knitting. This lovely rug is so beautiful, that I have decided immediately, that it should have been my first post, after a long break. This crocheted star in the middle of this […]

Crochet Round Rug

Hello my dears, we continue sharing with you some ideas about crochet. At this time on this blog we want to share with you free pattern of this beautiful rug. which in my opinion, is one of the best items ever shared on this blog. Crochet techniques, usied in the working process, is new for […]