Crochet Wonderful Roses

Hello everybody, welcome to my blog, if you are searching for new ideas in crochet and knitting, you are at the right place. We share a lot of free patterns, video tutorials, schemes, and other instructions, which will be useful for you. Today I want to share with you one of the cutest creations I […]

Perfect Y Slippers

Hello my dears, we continue sharing with you the slippers tutorial series, because as it turned out it is hard to find good slippers patterns online for this season. We did our best and have been searching for a long time to share with you patterns, that can be useful for you.  The main problem […]

Nice Women Socks

Everyone, who loves crochet, wants to have nice slippers to wear on cold days. There are not many good patterns of slippers on the internet, in my opinion very big part of shared patterns have the same design. These slippers are the exception, because it has an original and extraordinary design, trust me you can […]

Crochet Star Stitch

Hello my dears, I am back at to share with you another nice idea with you. This stitch is absolutely new to me and  I think I can create a lot of beautiful items using this stitch. At this time here is a video tutorial of a lovely crocheted blanket in an awesome colors […]

Crochet Easy Summer Bag

Hello crochet lovers! We are glad to introduce you a tutorial of crocheting this wonderful bag. This bag is distinguished by its original design, so if you are fed up with your old bags and want to try something new and different this idea is the perfect one for you. Don’t waste your time shopping and […]

Crochet Baby Hoodie

Hello everybody, today we want to introduce a lovely pattern of a baby hoodie. Look at this colors combination and design and imagine how cute and warm your little angels will look in it. It will be a good choice to crochet for upcoming cold days. In this pattern it is step by step explained […]

Crochet Snowflake

Hello everybody, look what an awesome snowflakes free pattern we have found for you, I think creating things like this will make every crocheter in the world happy. This snowflake has an awesome design and amazing colors combination. This lovely snowflake will be thematic for the winter season, but for now, you can use it […]

Crochet Sparrow Bird

Hello everybody, we continue sharing with you some crocheted toys free patterns, which in my opinion look wonderful. Those cute sparrows are the best idea for you, if you want to make a gift, or create it for children in your family, they will be happy with these sparrows. As usual on the link above […]

Crochet Cross Over Stitch

Today at we want to introduce you a new stitch, which will probably be new for you and I am sure you can make awesome creations with information shared here, so let’s learn together to make something extra special for ourselves. Look at this technique, it is something new and cool. I have been […]