Crochet Beautiful Shawl

Hello everybody, as usual, today we have found the new free pattern, which in my opinion will be great to create for this season. At this time on we have a brilliant knitted shawl, which in my opinion, will be the perfect choice to create for this season. Those knitted flowers, shown on the […]

Ballband Dishcloth

Hello everyone, now we are back with these lovely dishcloths. I am moving to a new house and I am confused about which one to knit for my new kitchen, I like them all, but my favorite is still number one on the picture, but my daughter wants number 2, we are confused and need […]

Crochet Shells Square

Hello, my dear readers, e are back at with fresh ideas for craft lovers. At this time for you, we will learn together how to create these awesome crocheted squares. Here we have a useful idea, it is up to you what you will create using the information shared here. There are many items […]

Crochet Baby Sneakers

Hello everybody, today I have been searching for a baby booties pattern for my friend’s child and have not found anything new, all the patterns look the same to me, but I have found these amazing slippers and have decided to write a blog about this. Everyone deserves to have slippers like this at home. […]

Crochet Easy Baby Booties

Hello, my dear readers. Everyone, who loves crochet, wants to have nice slippers to wear in the cold autumn and winter days. There are not many good patterns of slippers on the internet, in my opinion, most parts of the shared patterns have the same design. Those slippers are the exception because it has an […]