Ten Stitch Blanket

Hello my dears, at this time on this blog we want to share with you a fantastic knitted blanket’s free pattern. We always share with you crocheted items free patterns, but this one looks like a painting and I want try to create it. Here is nothing hard and extraordinary to make, you just have […]

Beautiful Blusa Poncho

Hello my dears, we are back on this blog to share with you some fantastic ideas about crochet projects. At this time on the pretty-craft.com we have for you instructions about how to crochet this amazing poncho. Look at this beauty on the pictures, now can say, that is is one of my favorite crocheted […]

Chevron Lace Cardigan

Hello my dear ladies, the spring has come, we all are waiting for warm days, so I want to share with you awesome crocheted cardigans free pattern, which in my opinion will be the best choice to create for this time. Look at this beauty, imagine the brightness you will bring everywhere, wearing this fantastic […]

Sweet Posy Mandala

Hello my dears, we are back at the pretty-craft.com to share with you some nice ideas. At this time here we have for you awesome crocheted mandala, which will be the perfect choice to create for this season. Here is nothing hard to do, you just have to follow free instructions shared on the link […]

X Marks the Spot Afghan

Hello my dears, If you want to crochet baby blanket in happy colors and have been searching for something like it, you can stop searching, because we have found for you an amazing blanket with lovely colors combination and design. This blanket, because of materials used in the working process is so soft, that you […]

Fantastic Crocheted Blanket

Hello everybody, today we have a new free pattern for on this blog. I have never posted zig-zag blankets because I often don’t like the color combination or design in which those blankets are made, but this blanket is super elegant with perfect colors combination and superb design. If you are going to try crochet […]

Crochet Flower Hot Pad

Hello my dears, today at the pretty-craft.com we will learn how to crochet the best hot pads that I have ever seen. look at this design and its colors combination and ask yourself: can you surprise your guests with more beautiful things like this? my answer will be: no. This is the most amazing potholders, […]

Crochet Polish Star

Today at the pretty-craft.com we will learn together how to crochet this lovely pillow. I have crocheted pillow in Bavarian crochet style and it was my favorite one, till I have seen this one. The way of crocheting is new for me and I will try to learn it with you. Since I have seen […]

Cherry Blossom Blanket

Hello, my dears, a new day has come and as usual, we have a new pattern, which will be interesting for you. Spring has come and it would be lovely to crochet something thematic. I think you can not find anything better, than a cherry blossom blanket.  This is awesome think, I like everything, beginning […]