Crochet Colorful Slippers

Hello my dears, I continue finding and sharing with you slippers pattern for this cold season. s it was said before, in my opinion it is very hard to find good patterns and tutorials of crocheted slippers, so trust me it is one of the best crocheted slippers tutorial you can find in the internet, […]

Crochet Bicolored Slippers

Everyone, who loves crochet, wants to have nice  slippers to wear it in the cold autumn and winter days. There is not many good patterns of slippers in the internet, in my opinion very big part of shared patterns have the same design. This slippers is the exception, because it has original and extraordinary design, […]

Graphic Christmas Hats

Christmas is coming, so all we have to prepare for it. Everybody around me knows that I love crochet and can make some crocheted Christmas items for them, so don’t want waste my lovely friends and family members expectations and every Christmas I am making crocheted items for them as a gift, making nice things […]

Christmas Tree Amigurumi

Today at the we will learn how to crochet this spectacular decoration for Christmas tree. We are all tired of usual decorations, which we are using every Christmas, in my opinion it is special decoration, you will surprise everybody because of its handmade and it really looks amazing and original. Also want to say, […]

Snuggles the Penguin

Hello everybody, here is a nice idea for amigurami lovers. I have never shared before crocheted toys,  many visitors of this blog  are writing in comments and messages, that they are searching for original ideas about crocheted animals for Christmas present, so I have decided to search for you in the net some good ideas […]