Crochet Pineapple Peacock Shawl

I love this crocheted pineapples, in my opinion if crocheter is able to crochet the thing like this, she is able to crochet everything else in the world, but it doesn’t means that crocheting this way is hard. This shawl is fantastic, everthing excites me in this piece of art, beginning from the colors combination, […]

Crochet Raindrops Square

Look what we got for you at the today. Trust me,this crocheted raindrops square is not hard to crochet. If  you thought at first time,  that it is hard to crochet this beauty, because of its form and stitches used in the working process, with this pattern you can crochet this square with no […]

Royal Pineapple Doily

I love making things like this, crocheted pineapples are  the best theme, that shared  in the net or I have read in the  books about crochet, I love making blouses, jackets, scarfs with a form of pineapple, or leaves, as many of you call this style of crocheting. The pattern is step by step, so […]

Crochet 3D Doily

This doliy is the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen, look at this beauty, it is crocheted so, that has 3D effect and you will surprise everybody, if you will poot this beauty on your table. Trust me this will not be hard for you, if you are intermediate at crochet. This pattern […]

Crochet Woven Ribbon Afghan

I have found this blanket photos on the Pinterest and had liked this colors combination, but there have been one problem, I couldn’t have found the pattern. Than I have asked people around and they told me, that I can make it with the pattern shared here, it will be very easy, you only have […]

Crochet Rose Petals Scarf

Hello my dears, today here is a gorgeous free pattern for you, this scarf is amazing and stitch used in the working process are incredible too, of course you can change colors, but trust me this scarf is prettier in this color. This looks beautiful as in every day life, as for the special events. […]

One Step Beyond Blanket

Today we are back on the with another  nice idea for crocheted afghan lovers. This mosaic blanket is fantastic, I can not even add a word to describe its beaty, it is spectacular – just one thing I wanted to say more. Here on the pictures the blanket is in 2 colors combination, but […]

Dorothy’s Roses Doily

Here we have a perfect pattern for them who loves doily and home decor. At this time at the we will learn how to crochet this amazing doily. Look at this beauty and imagine how can it change your interior, this item is special and it is not hard to crochet with a pattern […]

Cute Baby Booties

Hello everybody, if you have been searching something to crochet for your children, you can now stop searching, because we have done it for you. You can’t say that this crocheted booties are not amazing, because you will broke my heart. In my opinion everything in it is great, beginning from the colors combination on […]

Crochet Pyramid Afghan

Hello my dears, today we have a special iodea for 3d crochet lovers, this pattern is lovely and it is called crochet pyramid blanket, because the squares are made so, that they look like a pyramid. Here is nothing impossible if you like  it and want to crochet. The pattern is full and here is […]