Myriad CAL

Hello m dears, we have  a surprise for CAL lovers today at the Look at this colors combination and design and ask yourself, have you seen something more beautiful than this? In my opinion the answer will be no. This blanket is perfect, you can use it as a bed cover, carper, table runner, […]

Squared Diamond Granny Throw

Hello everybody, I am glad I can share  another free pattern with you. At this time at the I have found for you amazing idea for blanket, throw, pillow cover or something else on your choice. The main point is, that design of this crocheted item is fantastic, now you have a fresh idea […]

Persian Tile Blanket

Hello my dears, at this time at the we have a new idea for you. The spring has come and we are trying to share with you thematic patterns. This blanket with lovely flowers is very pretty, you can take it on the picnic, use it in the house, you will surprise everybody because […]

Carpenter Wheel in C2C

Hello my dears, as usual we post new free patterns every day at this blog. At this time here is a perfect p;attern for c2c lovers called capenter’s wheel. This is famous pattern and I think many of you have already crocheted it or it is in your to do list, but this colors combination […]


Hello everybody, we are back at the pretty with a new free pattern. If you are tired of searching something to crochet and have not found anything pretty enough, I hope this gorgeous doily will be perfect choice for you. In my opinion this doily is so beautiful, that everybody around will be surprised, […]

Wacky Weave Log Cabin CAL

Hello my dears, I feel proud to search for you new patterns daily, because I like making people happy and I am glad, when you like patterns  shared here, I promise, that I will do my best to make your work easier and will continue sharing with you free patterns like this. At this time […]


Hello crochet lovers! Today we are glad to introduce you this awesome work. I have seen many crocheted doilys in my life and I can  say “Kalmia” is one of the best doilies ever, because of it’s shape, beautiful detail work and colors combination. At the we have shared many fantastic ideas of crocheted doilys […]