Scrap Yarn Stash-Buster Blanket

Hello my dears, today at the we are glad to introduce you an awesome pattern of a blanket in random colors. If you have been searching for something blanket to crochet, we think that this awesome blanket is very good choice. Look at this colors combination and stitch, you can use it everywhere you want, in the kitchen, dinning room, as a decor and etc,  what makes this blankets supremacy obvious.
Special thanks to the author of this lovely pattern. You can also look around this blog and find many interesting ideas about crocheting, Wish you all the best!

Click here for pattern

4 Replies to “Scrap Yarn Stash-Buster Blanket”

  1. Patricia Anderson says: Reply

    Where’s the pattern?

    1. “Click here for pattern”

  2. Click on a picture of the blanket, then another page will open. Scroll down and you’ll see on the left hand side, Click here for pattern. Click on that and you’ll have it.

  3. Thank you for advice!

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