Lovely Bags Choice

Hello, I am Niko and today I am a guest at the I am writing this blog because I need your advice and count on your help. On October 27 it is my girlfriend Annas birthday and I want to make a special gift for her, thinking of different options, I  have decided to do some handmade,  specifically to crochet  bag and flower for her,, because this is only handmade job I know.  She has not one favorite color and I don’t know which style she would like, so I have found this patterns  on my taste and count on your advice. I am a beginner at crochet, my granny has used to study me crocheting  in the past and know I am capable to make easy and fast made thing.
Great  thanks  to authors for their amazing  jobs, trust me doing things like this are making peoples life more colorful and happy.  I have decided to share this blog on two parts and show you bags and flowers patterns separately to make a choice for you easier.   Thank you all in advance and count on your help, wish you all the best!

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