Wonderful crochet Blanket

Hello my dears, I have found this photo in the internet and now I am very excited, want to try to crochet this blanket, but there is no detailed pattern or video tutorial of it nowhere. This is nothing hard to make or use special crochet technique, it is mittered granny squares crocheted diagonally and joined together. Of course here is a lot of work to do, because it is a king size, but If you like it, it will not be hard to make for you with this video tutorial and written pattern, in which there is explained how to crochet mittered granny square. I hope you will like it too, wish you all the best!

Click here for pattern1, pattern2

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  1. Nicole Tribondeau says: Reply


    j’adore cette couverture mais je ne comprend pas comment les carrĂ©s sont cousus l’un a l’autre

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