The Kaleidoscope Blanket

Hello my dears, just look at this blankets, it is for every season. I can not explain in the words beuaty of this ones. If you are advanced at crochet or want to prove yourself , that you have enough abilities in crochet, here is one of the most beautiful blankets, that I have ever seen created by Catherine Bligh. Here is no pattern, but on the link above you will find first part of the pattern, where it is explained what materials and knowledge you must have to begin crocheting this awesome blankets. The working proces will be hard.
Special thanks to Caterine Bligh for this fanastic idea, that is why I call crochet the piece of art,  you should follow her blog and in 26 weeks there will be full pattern of this lovely items, so you have to bookmark her blog and will not have any problems with pattern. Get ready for a hard work, the result is fantastic.

Click here for pattern 1

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