Pulled Taffy Baby Blanket

Hello my dears, today we have  another good idea for crochet lovers. At this time we want you to introduce a great idea for your sweet babies, the blanket made in very interesting stitches and with lovely design. If you have been searching for something for your little angels, we hope this pattern will help you. Here is a video and written tutorial and it is full, only thing you have to do is begin crocheting and enjoy the process, everything else is in the pattern.
Special thanks to the author of this pattern, you can also look around this blog and find many interesting ideas about crochet, knitting and design, wish you a good day!

Click here for pattern

4 Replies to “Pulled Taffy Baby Blanket”

  1. Angela Kulerski says: Reply

    Hi where is the tutorial? Thanks beautiful baby blanket

    1. Hi, there is a “click here for pattern” link, I was able to download from there. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. What does it mean 3(6) yarns of white. Is it 3 or 6?

    1. It depends which size your doing. 3 for smaller 6 for bigger

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