Crochet Sponge

Hello, my dears, I have been looking for an original idea and have found a very interesting one, I have never heard about crocheted sponges and I think it would be awesome because the materials are natural and it will be very useful. Look at those ones in the pictures, they look fantastic with brilliant […]

Crochet Purse

In my opinion, every crochet lover in the world should have a purse like this. It is an hour of work only and the result will surprise everybody around you, it looks much better, than in these photos and it is a very comfortable and necessary item for me. The stitch used in the working […]

Crochet lovely Flower Motif

Hello, my dear readers, e are back at with fresh ideas for craft lovers. At this time for you, we will learn together how to create this awesome crocheted flower motif. It is very a useful idea, it is up to you what you will create using the information shared here. There are many […]

Crochet Super Lovely Baby Blanket

Hello my dears, I am back at with new ideas for crochet and knitting lovers. Today I want to share with you another wonderful blanket, which, in my opinion, will be nice to begin for upcoming seasons. This blanket is such a lovely, wonderful crochet technique and color combination.  It will not be hard […]

Crochet Baby Hat

Hello my dears, I am always very excited, when I see the cutest things shared online. Here we have for you an amazing baby hat. I appreciate it when crocheters from all over the world are trying to make some new patterns and share them with us, because crochet is an art and every try […]

Crochet Heart

Hello everybody, welcome to, it is a place where we share fresh ideas about crochet, knitting, and other handicrafts. Today at this blog we will learn together how to crochet awesome potholders in the form of hearts. This idea is old and it was published years ago, but to me it is new and […]

Crochet Border Stitch

Today at we will learn together a new stitch, which will probably be new for you and I am sure you can make awesome creations with the information shared here, so let’s learn together to make something extra special for ourselves. Look at this technique, it is something new and I think using this […]

Crochet Tunisian Border Stitch

Hello my dears, we are back today with an amazing pattern. Here is a crochet Tunisian stitch, an amazing way to crochet, which maybe will be new for you, and learning it your blankets will have fantastic borders and endings. We think that seeing this pattern you can create special items for yourself, it is […]

Crochet bead stitch

Hello my dears, I am back at to share with you another nice idea with you. This stitch is new to me and  I think I can create a lot of beautiful items using this stitch. At this time here is a video tutorial of a lovely crocheted blanket in an awesome color combination. […]

Crochet Granny Square Purse

Hello everyone, if you are tired of usual purses and want to try something special this pattern is exactly for you, look at this color combination, and style, this is exactly the original thing we have been searching for. In this tutorial it is step by step explained how to crochet this beautiful item and […]