Crochet Double A Design Blanket

Hello my dears,here is useful information about how to crochet this 3D blanket. Step by step instructions of this double  blanket is paid, but I hope you can crochet this beauty with a information shared here. The squares of this blanket are crocheted so, that is it has a 3D effect and it looks like a two blankets. You have liked previos 3D blankets shared here and I hope you will like this too.
Special thanks to Annelies Baes and her blog – for this pattern, you can also look around this blog, where you will find many interesting ideas about crochet, wish you a good day!

Click here for pattern

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    Supert !!

  2. 4Pnzjl Very interesting information!Perfect just what I was searching for! If you want to test your memory, try to recall what you were worrying about one year ago today. by Rotarian.

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