Atlas basket bag

Each one of you, who loves knitting amazing things, deserve to have such a beautiful knitted bag, here is a lovely atlas bag for knitting lovers, bags are one of the most attractive accessories for woman, also for a men too, we have have found very attractive and elegant atlas bag to knit. in this pattern it is step by step explained how to knit bags like this in  many colors. this bag has a special design, which will make you look more attractive in every situation. this bag is very comfortable and will worm you in a cold winter and you can use it to keep your things worm. Bag is very useful to knit in countries, which have cold climate: Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and etc. in this pattern it is also explained how to knit this bag in another colors, add some appliques and etc. You have a great chance to  knit unusual, very modern and stylish bag by yourself, knit as a gift for your friends birthdays and make them happy. we all know how expensive it is to buy bags like this, by this pattern you can get it cheaper and spend your time pleasantly. Thanks to Irene Waggener, who is sharing with us her stylish and extraordinary ideas for knitting such a  beautiful and useful bags. We hope she will continue to share with us more and more attractive ideas for knitting. Enjoy with it and be more  confident. wish you all the best!

click here for pattern

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