Lotus Flower Table Runner

Hello everybody, as usual at pretty-carft.com I want to share with you an awesome idea about what to crochet next. I have seen many beautiful table runners in my life and in my opinion, 90 % of them look the same, in ten percent we have some beautiful table runners, but I have never seen […]

Crochet Snowman

Hello, my dears, the new year is coming and we all have associations with snowmen, Christmas trees. Today on my blog, I have for you an amazing snowmen’s free pattern, so if you have not decided yet, what to crochet for the upcoming new year, I think it can be an awesome idea for you. […]

Crochet Pillow

Hello, my dears, I wanted to crochet a blanket for my newborn grandson and was searching on the internet to find something new and special. Suddenly I have found this awesome crocheted pillow and then I have thought, that I could crochet a baby blanket with a little pillow cover with crochet techniques, used here, […]

Skull Shawl

Hello my dears, at this time on the pretty craft.com I want to share with you a fantastic idea. On this blog, you can find many ideas, about how to crochet shawls, using several stitches, here you can find many interesting ideas, but this shawl is something else, it is an extraordinary idea. These skulls […]

Scrap-Along Felix Blanket

Hello everybody, welcome to my blog!  Today I want to share with you another awesome idea. This way of crocheting is new for me and I am very excited about an opportunity of creating awesome crocheted items with this technique. I am going to crochet a baby blanket using this technique, want to change colors […]

Babette Blanket

  Just look at what a beautiful blanket we have today for you to crochet with a clearly explained pattern. If you have some free time and necessary supplies to start crocheting you are lucky, because, here are instructions, which will lead you to this awesome blanket. Just choose the colors and start crocheting. Crocheting […]

Lizard Shawl

Good evening everybody, as usual, we want to share with you some ideas, which will be perfect to crochet for this season. If you are looking for elegance and simple style, you are in the right place, because I think you can find you can not find a more elegant and stylish shawl, than this […]