Frog Pond Baby Blanket

People who loves crochet understand, that it is hard to find extraordinary blanket patterns, because many of the patterns are the same, there is difference only in colors, but this blanket in my opinion something extraordinary, not only of its color. Look at this color combination, stitches used in working process, design and etc, everything […]

Crochet Tilt A Whirl Afghan

Hello my dear readers, Today at the we have another nice¬† idea for craft lovers. Look at this crocheted blanket with amazing squares, lovely design, it is something special. This blanket is so nice, that you can use it as a wall decor also. Here is video tutorial and written pattern, in which it […]

Crochet Leave Stitch Hat

We all know that it is hard to find online some new patterns, because for them who loves crochet, everything is old and we are all seeing the same patterns and tutorials every day. In my opinion leave stitch is a crochet technique which is old, but gold way to make amazing items for yourself […]

Skittles Blanket

We all know, that every baby likes candies, so this blanket pattern is inspired by on of the most loved candies – skittles. Imagine how excited you can make you lovely children by crocheting this colorful blanket, they will say thank you to you and this them will become there favorite, because of its colors […]

Brighton Blanket

Today we found amazing pattern for crochet lovers, look at this lovely colors combination and stitches used in the working process, they are so exciting, we hope you will like it and begin crocheting, using this tutorial. Here is everything you will need while working on it, so you will not have problems, if you […]

Christmas Baby Sweater

Hello my dears, as everybody who loves crochet, I have decided to crochet a gifts or children around me, so I have begun finding patterns and had found this lovely baby sweater in random colors. Now I am a little bit confused, because I can not choose which colors to use, maybe you will give […]