Crochet Bear Rug

Hello, my dears! We are back at this blog to share with you some lovely ideas, which in my opinion will be useful for you. Due to the covid pandemic, we are all sitting at home and thinking about what to crochet next, so I have decided to share with you some ideas, which I […]

Crochet Baby Blanket

Hello my dears, we have shared with you many free patterns of crocheted items that are useful for you. At this time on we want to share with you a baby blanket, which in my opinion will be the best choice of that crocheted items. Here on this blog, we have a free pattern […]

Crochet Zoo Blanket

Hello, my dears,  we are back at with new ideas for you. At this time we want to share with you a blanket-free pattern, which in my opinion is the best-crocheted item I have ever seen in my life. It is why I call crochet a piece of art. This absolutely gorgeous blanket is, […]

Crochet Popcorn Stitch

Hello my dears, I am back at to share with you another nice idea with you. This stitch is absolutely new for me and  I think I can create a lot of beautiful items using this stitch. At this time here is a video tutorial of a lovely crocheted blanket in an awesome colors […]

Crochet Baby Dress

Hello everybody, if you have not decided yet what to crochet for children around you and want to do this, I think the information shared here will be useful for you. Here we have an amazing baby dress and booties pattern for you, which will be the perfect idea for this season. You can change […]

Crochet Amigurumi Boys

Hello my dears, I am not an amigurami lover, I like crocheting traditional things, like blankets, hats, throws and etc, because all amigurami to me looks the same, they are not cute enough or pretty enough, but this one is exception for me, because this cute and prettycouple looks very attractive and I am going […]

Crochet Doily Asteria

Hello everybody, we are back at with new ideas for crochet lovers, at this time on this blog we have free patterns of the amazing doily, which one, in my opinion, is the best one shared here before. Look at this beauty and imagine what you can make more beautiful than this one, I […]

Crochet Lovely Flowers

Hello everybody, today at we have another awesome idea for crochet lovers. Look at those pretty flowers shown here in the pictures, these ones are brilliant, everything looks great, forms, design, color combination. Here in the picture, it’s made table runner, which is also brilliant, but in my opinion, it can be a nice […]

Crochet Doily Lace

We have noticed, that you had liked doily with crocheted roses and some of you asked us to find more doily patterns, which are shared online, so we have decided to search and share with you a doily pattern. This is a result of our search, one of the most beautiful doily shared online. Look […]

Crochet Baby Dress

Hello my dears, we are back at with new ideas for craft lovers. Today we want to share with you one of the most beautiful baby dresses, that I have ever seen. Those crocheted tiny flowers are just fantastic. I think this baby duo will be a perfect present for a gift, you will […]