The Rose Doily

This is probably one of the most beautiful doilys I have ever seen in my life. You will not be afraid of guests, when you  have something like this on your table, so I have decided to crochet this beauty as soon as I will have time on this. You may think, that it would […]

Crochet Passion Flower

Hello my dears, today we have another nice idea for you at the I hope this crocheted afghan square  will be helpful for you to do great things with your hook. At first I thought to make a blanket using this squares, but than have decided to make a pillow cover in this style, […]

Crocheted Pretty Moccasins

Hello everybody, we are back at the with a nice idea for you my dears. We tried to find something original for you today. I think this crocheted moccasins are very different, because of its design, the forms in which it is made, colors combination are very attractive also. I have one like this […]

Square Motif With Rings

Hello my dears, today at  the we will learn together how to crochet this beautiful square motif with rings. If you are searching something for your home interior, This infromation can be very useful for  you. I have seen many items in this style shared online, but this is suprise for me, because this […]

Beautiful Shells Blanket

Hello my dears, If you ask me, whats my favorite thing to crochet, I will answer , that  Shells blanket is my favorite, not baceuse of something special: design, stitches or something, only thing I like in it, that it gives you opportunity make experiments with it, change colors, add something, make some changes, the […]

Radiating Blanket

Here we are back with the precious idea for you my dears, at this time on the we will learn how to crochet this awesome and fresh blanket. If you have been searching for something to crochet for the sofa, home decor and etc. you should have stop searching, because we have found something […]

Crochet Dream Blanket

Today at the we jave special idea for crochet lovers. In my opinion , the name of this blanket – dream blanket is not only words, everything in this blanket, colors combination, design, looks lik blankets, with this pattern you can do it easilye somebody’s dream, it is just awesome. Also want to say, […]

Pulse Stitch Wrap

Hello my dears, if you have decided to find wrap fre pattern online, maybe we on the will help you  with finding nice idea about crocheted wrap. This colors combination and design is jst amazing, it is so perfect, that I wouldnt havee add nothing in this, because this wrap is awesome. The pattern […]

Element CAL Crochet

We have shared crochet alement pattern with you, but to say true, I love the stitches used in the working process, design, but colors of this element wasn’t as good as i excpected, so I have decided to find something more atracctive and have found amazing blanket made in the same style. I am so […]