Ombre Tank Top

        Today at we have found for you beautiful sleeveless top to knit with free written pattern. Pattern is by the Espace Tricot and thanks for that to them. Look at these pictures and imagine how comfortable will you feel in it. In this pattern you can also discover how to knit this top in other colors and find out other ways of knitting tops like this. This kind of tops are very comfortable and stylish, you can fit it with many kind of clothes, such as: jeans, dresses, shorts and etc. This beautiful top is very common on every season of the year. It is universal so you can wear it in the cold winter and  in the hot summer, also you can use it as an indoor and outdoor clothes.
This top is such a fashionable that it can be used by women in every age. It brings you more confidence and make you feel more attractive. This top would also look very nice in solid colors, you can use different colors: black, white, red and etc. Design of the top is easy to wear and easy to knit, so you can enjoy of the knitting process. If you love a casual style, this knitted top is for you. We can also say, that in this pattern it is easily explained how to knit this top, so this is a perfect opportunity for beginners, who want to learn how to knit tops of this style. Lets try, enjoy the process of knitting, wish you good luck.

Click here for Pattern

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