Medano beach

Today we are pleased to present you a summer, striped bag. This lovely pattern  is produced by Heidi Kirrmaier, so she deserves a great deal of thanks from us. Summer is already here, therefore, who love the sun, the sea and the beach she will definitely need a comfortable shoulder bag to wear all necessary items and also be pretty.  So if you are going to rest on the sea, use the chance and knit this perfect shoulder bag, be stylish and original, let them see your fashionable side. This pattern is easy to knit for as beginners as experienced people, who love knitting process. This striped bag contains black and white colors, which gives it a solid effect so you can use it not only on the beach, also in everyday life as a casual style.The choice of bag colors depends on your personal  taste, if you like funny and bright colors you can choose any of them. This shoulder bag is very fashionable and also very comfortable, it will keep the shape and color for a long time. So do not lose time in shopping, get ready and start knitting amazing striped bag. For knitting this shoulder bag  you can use hemp, linen, sturdy cotton but not wool. Be sure everyone on the beach will be desirous of your beautiful and special bag!
Heidi Kirrmaier, thank you very much for sharing with us such a great idea for this pattern and we hope you will continue to make us more and more fashionable and confident.  It is time for being happy! wish you all the best!

Click here for pattern

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