Knit cushion

We want you to introduce a different and easy style of knitting, which will may be a innovation for you. In this video you can see and make new design of your cushion made by  ohhio braid, nowadays it is very popular around the world, so you can buy it everywhere, in every supermarket. This […]

Cat kitty doll

Hello knitters! We came back with a new pretty idea! We are  happy to introduce you these little kitty dolls.  In this tutorial it is clearly explained how to knit these  pretty dolls. It is not for the beginners, because it is a little difficult for starting knitting from here, but experienced knitters can show […]

Baby shoes

Hello everyone! We are glad to present you this lovely baby shoes pattern, which is created by love . Imagine how cute it will look on your babies feet. If you look something different for your child, we think this one is the perfect idea for you to knit. There is no doubt your little […]

3D Star

Here is a lovely decoration 3D star  tutorial, for them who like special things for home interior. We are glad for sharing with you such a beautiful ideas. If you like to design original things by yourself, this video tutorial is exactly for you.  This little beautiful 3D stars are easy to knit, so if […]

Top Sweater

Hello everyone! we are glad to introduce you a new tutorial of knitting nice top sweater, which is produced by Ruby Stedman, so big thanks her for doing this job and sharing with us tutorials like this. In this video it is step by step explained how to knit this beautiful sweater. This tutorial is […]

Medano beach

Today we are pleased to present you a summer, striped bag. This lovely pattern  is produced by Heidi Kirrmaier, so she deserves a great deal of thanks from us. Summer is already here, therefore, who love the sun, the sea and the beach she will definitely need a comfortable shoulder bag to wear all necessary items […]