Blue Rose Doily

Hello my dears, we are back at the with a fresh ideas for crochet lovers. At this time, on this blog, we will learn together how to crochet awesome doily with roses. You may think, that crocheting specific items like this can be hard for you, but on the link above you will find […]

Waffle Stitch

Hello my dears, today at this blog we will learn together another awesome crochet technique. This is one of my favorite stitches and I am glad, that someone has crocheted it in this beautiful color combination. The spring has come and bright colors used in this working process are very thematic, so I strongly recommend […]

Crochet Table Path

Today at the pretty we want to share with you amazing crocheted item’s free pattern. At this time here is an amazing tablecloth that will not be hard for you to crochet with information shared here. You will surprise everybody around you when they will discover it is your handmade. You will feel proud […]

Twinkling Star Blanket

Hello, my dear readers, we are glad to show you a new idea about your next projects. This blanket with absolutely new ways of crochet techniques and the color combination and design of this beauty makes me tell, that this is one of the best creations ever. It is hard to find free patterns shared […]

Crochet Emma’s Blanket

Hello everybody, as usual, today we have an interesting idea for you at the Look at this blanket, in not it perfect, in my opinion – yes. Everything is made with a heart, beginning from the stitches used while working, ending with a perfect color combination and design. The spring is coming and it […]

Crochet Baby Dress

Hello my dears, we are back at the with fresh ideas about crochet. If you have been searching for something new and beautiful to crochet for babies around you, trust me, you can not find anything more beautiful, than this awesome baby dress. Absolutely amazing crochet techniques used in the working process makes this […]