Baby shoes

Hello everyone! We are glad to present you this lovely baby shoes pattern, which is created by love . Imagine how cute it will look on your babies feet. If you look something different for your child, we think this one is the perfect idea for you to knit. There is no doubt your little angel will look adorable in shoes like this, so do not waste your time, save money and start it right now! I have knitted this shoes for my baby girl and it made her so happy, that when she wakes up in the cold days, she is is always asking: mom, where are my shoes, and when I am bringing her other shoes, she feels upset and always asks this one. Thanks to the author it is clearly explained how to knit the shoes like this, so it will be easy as for them who already had an experience in knitting, as for beginners. You can use wool and other materials to knit shoes like this, add some ornaments by your preference, use other colors and etc. This is the best choice for indoor baby shoes. In this pattern its explained how to knit this shoes from 6 months to 12, but by my experience I can surely say that it can be perfectly used by the children until the six years. We will continue finding and sharing with you this kind of lovely tutorials in knitting. we hope you like it  so wish you good luck and enjoy the process.

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